Friday, October 7, 2011

TV Console Ideas?

So right now, our laptop, dvd & vhs player sit on a sofa table that is against our wall under our mounted tv. If you don't know what a sofa table is, it is skinny tall table that typically sits behind a sofa or sits in an entry way.
Sofa Table on Overstock
ours looks just like this but white.
 We have 6 decorative boxes filled to the max with dvds that sit underneath said table. They are pretty wedged in under the table so Chloe is not able to pull them out... until now. And she loves to play with these boxes, and pull herself up using them and try to climp up them. I am really afraid she will pull one out and land on her.... And she has gotten tall enough to reach ontop of the table and grab at the laptop and almost reach the dvd player. YIKES!
We got these boxes from Ikea
Although they are super great for storing dvd, not so great for baby climbing.
 SO now we are on the hunt for a tv console.... the reason we waited this long is because I really haven't found anything I like. I am looking for something that has doors and cabinets so that way we can "conceal" everything. Less clutter for me = less stress.

Jessica at Tart's tv console
I really want something like this.
 We need to find one that will look good with our 2 tall bookshelves that flank the side of the tv and the soon to be console cabinet.

This was from our old apartment set up... I loved it!

Can anyone give me any ideas of where to look? I have tried Ikea, Overstock, Target, Cb2. I want one that looks a little more modern than traditional. And I don't want to shell out the big bucks for as I hate to spend money on something that I am not sure I will be able to take with us when we move to Portland. (you never know what furniture will fit where when you apartment hop as much as we do).


Danielle said...

amazon :)

Rebecca said...

I feel you on this. Right now, we are using a full length bookshelf, with movable shelves as our tv/ gaming area and book shelf. It's quite nice for the time being, but I can just imagine when Alizah becomes mobile how it will be a disaster waiting to happen. Like you, we have to be creative because we have apartment hopped so much. But, also like you, my dream is to have on like Jessica's at Tart!

Anonymous said...

You old set up was so gorgeous! I'm glad I found your blog, I'm hooked. Your family is so adorable. :)

xo, Samantha

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