Thursday, December 22, 2011

Family Photo Time & Chritmas Card

Our friend Trish took some amazing photos of our family while James Moms and sisters were in town from Portland. We took them at our favorite place: Balboa Park. And we even had them done in time for our Christmas cards! We needed some new photos with Chloe being older and looking completely different then when she was 6 months old. I love her facial expressions in these! Chloe even got some special pictures with her Auntie and Grandmas.


oh and we ordered our Christmas cards from Tiny Prints. We LOVE them. We always have either a funny picture or a funny message on our Christmas cards. This year we decided to go with something subtly funny in the message. We promise, we are not conceited. Here is what they look like: 


Anonymous said...

oh, those look awesome! I wanted to send out some this year too, but I got so caught up in other things that it got too late :/ Great pictures!!

Olivia Grace said...

These are so great! You look so beautiful!!

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