Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Cloud Lamp

I have had this boring old Ikea rice paper lamp in Chloe's room for a while now and it just bugs me how plain it is. I have been drooling over their Maskros lamp shown below. It is absolutely adorable and whimsical and perfect for her room, I just can't justify spending $50 on a lamp for a child's room.
After looking through other lamps in our price range and not being too satisfied, I decided to try and create something fun and cute for her room using the lamp I already had. I saw this post a long time ago from one of my fave interior decorators and have always remembered it.

- Circular Paper Lantern
- Cord Light to put in lantern
- White coffee filters
- Hot glue gun

Ignore the Mod Podge. I decided not to go that route since it would take too long to dry.

Step 1:
Turn on your hot gun to heat up and set aside. Grab a coffee filter from the center and gather. I purposefully gathered them all a little different so some are more open than others. I gathered all my coffee filters first so that way it was faster to create the lamp. I made about 120 to begin with, then added more to fill in the spaces in the end.

Step 2:
With hot glue, attach the gathered center of the coffee filter and glue directly to lamp. I started from the top and worked my way around the circular opening. I continued to glue the filters on in a circular pattern around the whole lamp. 

 Step 3:
Fill in any gaps you see with extra coffee filters.

step 4: 
put cord lamp through paper shade and hang. easy peazy. And oh so cute!

This lamp only cost me $2 total since I already owned the paper lamp shade and hanging cord lamp. The $2 were just the cost of the coffee filters. I have seen the circle lamp shade set for about $10 at Ikea and Target, so if you start from scratch you are looking at only a $12 lamp!

I love doing DIY projects, especially when they are easy and cheap! Let me know if you have any good DIY projects you can share! 


Her and the Boys said...

Great Job Michelle! That turned out fantastic!

Anonymous said...

:O!! That looks awesome! pretty neat that the supplies are so budget friendly too :) Great job! Keep'em coming :)

Breanne said...

I did this with paper doilies! I need to post a picture. :) I had the white lamps from my shower and just hot glued the doilies in layers. Super easy and cheap. :)

D. Lynn @Purple Kale said...

Ahh! That is super cute-I may have to steal this idea, just so you know :)

Great job!

re said...

love how this looks! i bet since filters absorb liquid so well, it would be cool to use food coloring or dye to tint them, too!

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