Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet the Sponsers - Beth

Beth is a sweet newlywed (well, i don't know how long you can actually be called newlyweds, but I say her and Julio are still there.) She is a great woman of God, who inspires me often. She is a passionate teacher of elementary kids and of the word. Her and her husband are adorable to boot. Plus, they live on the beach, literally. How awesome is that???

The three20 blog got started as an attempt to raise funds for our wedding a year ago. Straight out of college, we were super broke, and totally in love (cheesy, I know, but stay with me.) We set up a donate button, asked friends to put in whatever they could to help us reach at least $500 dollars, and kept our fingers crossed. People literally gave us whatever they could; we even got a ziplock bag full of spare change! We kept the blog updated with our everyday antics as the donations started slowly coming in and surprisingly enough, our friends and family helped us reach (and pass!) the goal. Our wedding ended up being pretty darn awesome.

Two years later, three20 is still up and running. Our blog keeps up with the everyday life and craziness of us newlywed island folks living by the beach, with three neighbors, three dogs, three cats, and the usual cow or horse that will stroll on by. Life is certainly different by the sea.
C'mon over and check it out.

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Her and the Boys said...

Love this blog!

Anonymous said...

woot! woot! So excited to see this post up! You are so awesome, michelle!! Thanks for the love :)

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