Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Nursery Inspiration Board

I am definitely in hyper nesting mode. 
So here is the inspiration board I created for Chloe & Emery's shared room. We changed the colors to make them more modern and fresh (not to mention I am obsessed with green right now). I absolutely love it! It is clean, fun and reminds me of spring time. 

The room is practically done, all we need to do is repaint the diaper changing table and put together the closet! I will take pictures when it is officially done. :)

1. We already use tissue poms above the crib for Chloe, so we just changed some of the colors out. You can make them yourself with this Martha Stewart tutorial, or take the easy way out and purchase them from Etsy like we did we got ours through Fiesta Pom Pom. I LOVE tissue poms. They are so cute and fun and remind me of giant blooming flowers. 

2. We are going to use our existing changing table and just paint dark brown and white it to match the rest of the furniture. We will be keeping her bright green knobs on it as well. I love Anthropology knobs, but they are way too expensive for a changing table. We found some great knobs from Pier One and World Market, where you can get a 4 pack of pretty knobs for as little as $10. 

3. Yarn Ball garland. We made Yarn balls for Chloe's birthday party. It was super easy with this yarn pom maker. I just re-used the red ones from her party and strung them up on fishing line for the new room. Adds a touch of whimsy.

4. We are thinking of taking this duvet set from Ikea and using the fabric to make curtains for the room. I like the pattern and the color works great for what we are going with. 

5. We ended up getting Chloe a new convertible crib. We loved her old Jenny Lind Crib, but we had painted it teal before and to be honest, it was SO much work. We definitely wouldn't have the time or space to repaint the crib again. Not to mention we bought it used and it is the recalled version of the crib. We weren't sure if it would survive the wear and tear of a toddler and a baby and a big move. The new crib goes beautifully with the rest of the room and we liked the wavy design on the sides. Once Emery is old enough to move into her own crib (after we move in August), we will be getting Chloe a matching toddler bed and Emery will be getting the crib. 

6. This fabric from Ikea is the basis for our whole room design. James mom used this fabric to make a beautiful blanket for Chloe. I got more of this fabric and cut it up to put in embroidery hoops to decorate her wall with. It really ties everything in together. 

7. This Ikea rug is fun and comfy and added so much to the room. Not to mention it was only $50 and covers a ton of area. Score! Chloe loves playing in it. And peanut likes to play on it too. 

8. I love this Fox print from Sass & Peril. We ended up getting her discounted print with the seconds sale she offers. The print is the same, it just has a blemish on it that you really don't notice all that much. Especially when put in a nice frame and hung up. Instead of hanging all the prints we got, we framed them and put them layered on each other on a thin rail shelf. 

9. I love Green Nest art on Etsy. Her shop has been a favorite of mine for a couple of years now. We ended up getting the cute deer and squirrel prints. She is having a buy 2 get one free sale, so we also got this 2 owl print in the girls nursery colors (I like to thing it is a big sister little sister print). 

10. We got this toy organizer from Walmart. It was the only one I could find that didn't have all these multicolored buckets. That way we can use it no matter how many times we change the colors in the room and it won't clash. 

11. This is the matching book rack to the toy organizer. It works really well for Chloe because she can actually reach all of her books now. And it holds a good amount of books too. The first day she pulled out every single one of her books because she was so excited. Then she helped me put them back like a good little girl. 

12. Chloe got this Poang Ikea chair as a gift from my grandmother for her birthday. She loves it because it is just her size, she can easily get in and out of it on her own. She likes to sit in it and eat her snacks and read her books. 

13. We use the actual closet in the room for storage of all the big baby gear (walkers, Boppy, stroller, car seat, etc...) and for my crafts. So we needed a wardrobe closet to put all the girls clothes in and other necessities that we need to be able to get to easily. In comes the Aspelund wardrobe from Ikea. It has 3 doors and the middle one actually comes with a mirrored door. The wardrobe is the perfect size, not too big but big enough for everything and I can separate the girls clothes since easily. 

So there you have it. I can't wait to show the official pictures when we are all done and set up. 


Anonymous said...

I love it! And I love Ikea! We have the rug and the chair for the boys rooms. I can't wait to see pictures!

MOM said...

WOW sounds as if you have been supper busy... I can't wait to see the end results.... You guys are so good a decorating and really sweet ideas for my lovely granddaughters!!!!!!!!!!

Callie Nicole said...

It's going to be so cute, Michelle! I can't wait to see the finished product!

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