Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The next best thing from SMENCILS

My company came out with an awesome new product...
SMANIMALS!  Gourmet scented stuffed animals made with organic scented rice. 
Smanimal Website

using a process that is pending a patent, we infuse grains of rice with our special gourmet scents and use it as the “stuffing” for our fun stuffed animal designs. For example, we use a delicious rootbeer scent to make the rice stuffing for our kangaroo animal……its name is Kangarootbeer. Our other lovable creatures include: Pink Llamanade, Crocodill Pickle, Orange-utan, Mint Chocolate Chipmunk, and Dinasour Apple. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you want to get some of these for your kids (or yourself), then you should help us out in the Walmart competition, "GET ON THE SHELF". If we win, these Smanimals will be available to the public. Please click here or go to this site and vote for Smanimals!

oh and if you like the idea, please spread the love! 

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Anonymous said...

I voted!

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