Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby Shower for Emery Rose

Some wonderful ladies from church wanted to throw us a baby shower for Emery. Since we had most everything we needed for her, thanks to Chloe, we had a diaper shower. The colors of the shower were grey and yellow (my fave!). It was a simple shower with a game of charades and gift opening. Many from our church and family were there to help us celebrate! It was a fun time with amazing people and we truly feel blessed. 

The decorations were adorable and the snacks were so yummy! 
And those yellow "dried flowers" are actually dried pineapple slices that you can eat. 
They were sooooo good!

and of course, it wouldn't be a diaper shower without a diaper cake!

I think my fave thing about the shower was that they organized for everyone to create a letter for a "letter wall" for our nursery. Each person brought a different letter that went with the nursery colors. I can't wait to put these up!

We even got some other gifts for the baby like a handmade quilt and matching outfits for Chloe and Emery. 

And here are just some of the amazing people that were there: 
Sandy: the one who threw us the shower. Very talented, very beautiful.
With her 10 month old Gideon. 

James and his Dad

Dan and 4 month old Blake

Sue and 14 month old Jackson

my beautiful sisters

my little precious

The Zacharia family

All the ladies from my old bible study group...
All of us have (or will be having babies) within 1 year span.
So great that we all become moms around the same time.  

The men of our old bible study


Jamie said...

aww this is precious! love the colors! I also love the idea of everyone bringing a letter to create an alphabet! I am planning a baby shower for my friend next month and I hope mine turns out just as cute!

Noelle said...

Love love love! colors are great!

MOM said...

I am so sorry we missed this. It daughter together in that one pic is just wounderful. Can't wait to see Ms. Emery Rose.....

Mom said...

sorry it was suppose to say to see all my lovely daughters together.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I can't wait to see the letters up!

Callie Nicole said...

What a beautiful baby shower!

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