Thursday, August 2, 2012

Organic Baby Bjorn for Sale

This baby carrier is the original baby bjorn. It is made from organic cotton. It's ergonomic for your child. Properly supports your child's head, back and hips from birth. It is safe and user-friendly, easy for you to to put on and take off without assistance. Fully adjustable, Wide padded shoulder straps distribute weight evenly over back and shoulders. By tightening or loosening the bands for the head support, you can adjust to fit the child perfectly. The child can be worn inward toward your body or face out to the world. All adjustments can be made from the front so you wont need assistance. The front can be opened completely so your sleeping child can be lifted out without waking them up. - Baby Bjorn Website

ages: newborn and up
color: walnut- color shown in pictures
size: one size fits all

Bought this at Babies R Us for $100 asking $50 will be up in my shop as well!
Email me at shesaidblog{at} if you are interested!


Brianna and Jeff said...

Has this sold yet? If not, I would be very interested!

elise said...

new[est] follower. love your style. love your blog. can't wait to keep following.

stop by sometime!

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