Monday, June 28, 2010

to cloth or not to cloth

James and I are seriously considering cloth diapering. The only downfall is that we don't have our own washer or dryer (oh the joys of apartment living) and the laundry facilities at our place are pretty expensive. We just found this diapering service in San Diego for $23/week. They drop off about 80 cloth diapers, then once a week they pick up the soiled diapers and replace them with new, fresh clean ones. You just leave them in a bag they provide on your doorstep at night and in the morning, voile, you have a new clean set. It's like magic. And we all know how much I LOVE MAGIC! Not to mention they have the most adorable diaper covers!

Anyone have any experience with cloth diapering vs. disposable diapers? Do you have any insight, suggestions or preferences? I am still doing research and would love to get others opinions.

I am so happy that we are trying to go more green with things like this.

♥ Michelle

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Donna G said...

my sister in law uses cloth and she said it is awesome. but she does have a wash/dryer at her home. the main reason they went with cloth was because they are so much more cost effective. they still bought a few disposable ones for travel and emergencies but most of the time they were not even needed. she told me the only down side is the start up cost of initially buying the diapers but in the long run they were worth it. but with this service you wouldn't need to worry about it right?
hope this was helpful :)

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