Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Little Delay

We went to our appointment yesterday and not a single question was answered. The doctor said the machine she had was of poor quality, so the pictures were fuzzy. She couldn't get a clear picture to find out the baby's gender. On top of it, when I talked to her about our due date, she said that we would have to wait until our fancy schmancy ultrasound in a month to see the for sure date. So we left the appointment feeling empty handed and bummed.
We decided to go ahead and have a 4-d ultrasound, but only to find out the gender. I don't want pictures of the baby looking all alien like. That appointment is tomorrow at 5. We are so excited because they said that this will FOR SURE TELL US THE GENDER! We can't wait!!!!

James decided that we had to have this pedal car/truck. It is adorable and totally our style. It is a replica of a 1932 Roadster. It is metal and has white walled wheels, a fancy grill and a trunk! We found it on GILT.COM. James wishes they had one in his size.

♥ Michelle

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