Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Bump Friday - Week 22

I am finally posting it on the correct day again. ha. You can tell from the picture that baby girl is moving up toward my lungs. I can sure feel it.

And... if you had seen my post about the diaper bag situation, we decided I get two purses and James would get a man bag. Then we would just use the travel changing pad and bottle insulator. These bags have so many pockets, it is just perfect. I even found mine on clearance at Target. woot.

♥ Michelle


allie said...

I did the same thing! Diaper bags just seemed so pointless to me when there are so many awesome purses with a ton of pockets for hiding baby items! Plus, you're already going to have your hands so full...why weigh yourself down with one extra bag, seriously? You are one pretty pregnant lady! You and your little family are so cute, I am glad you found my blog so that now I can follow your adventures!

Half way there! Get ready to have your mind blown with LOVE!!

CupKay said...

awww! haha how adorable are you!

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