Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun New Projects!

Since we have gotten our new sofa, we now cannot fit our fun, punchy, turquoise coffee table in a very small living room. I am so sad, but I am hoping our sister or friend takes the table so I will be able to see it often. This means that James and I get to go furniture shopping! I can't wait to see what we come home with. We have to get a smaller coffee/side table for the living room and a side table for the nursery.

We also have to make our living room walls a little lighter now that we have such a dark piece of furniture. It really makes the room look smaller with the dark gray walls. We have decided to paint the walls a lighter gray, one that will match with the walls in Chloe's room. With the wall behind the couch, we have 2 options: picking pretty wall paper with a big pattern to cover the wall or purchasing vinyl stickers in the shapes of trees. We are leaning toward option 2. It will be easier putting up stickers vs. a whole wall of wallpapering. And we will only be at our house for less than a year, so the investment of the cheaper vinyl stickers is more appealing to us.

I do love wallpaper, but I have some fun other crafts around the house that I can use wallpaper for. I guess we will have to see. What do you all think? I should post a picture of our living room and leave it up for you all to make suggestions.
♥ Michelle


Silver Strands said...

Hi Michelle ... thank you SO MUCH for helping out with the paper cranes. Not needed by any certain date. Just thankful there are so many wonderful people like you participating!

Donna G said...

i put up some stickers in my bathroom and it was a piece of cake. i vote sticker option :)

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