Friday, May 20, 2011


I did it! The 30 post challenge is done.
So now that it's over, I wanted to know was there anything ELSE you guys wanted to know about me? I mean, I covered a pretty broad range of topics with this one, but I am sure there are questions still left.

Please bare with me as I slowly but surely recreate my blog. If you look to your left, I have added a Flickr,
You Tube, and Facebook account button so you can come stalk me on multiple levels. There still are changes to be made, but since I only blog Mon-Fri from 8-4, it looks like they will have to wait until next week.
I have been reading everyone's blogs, trust me. I just have been super busy with work lately, we had a convention I had to attend and I just didn't have the time to read AND comment. But I still love you and really do care what you have to say, just so you know!

Have a great weekend!


Mandy said...

Tell us about your tattoos! : )

Adriana said...

i just discovered your blog and you have such a beautiful fam! I keep saying im going to do a 30 day challenge and then i slack on it so kuddos to you for finishing it!

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

I'm pretty sure you are the only person that has actually followed through with all thirty days of the challenge! I'm so glad you found a place to live!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i like the new layout! it looks great. :)

how did you meet james?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, I agree with mandy. I wanna know more about your tats! Id also like to know how you came to be a christian :)

Kim said...

Well this is my third comment! How do I know if you read them???? I also want to know about your tattoos? how did you decide on the ones you have??

Love ya,

Aunt Kim

She Said... said...

HI Aunt Kim!
I do get your comments! Trust me. Love you!

I am in the middle of answering all of these questions, it is a work in progress because to be honest, they are all pretty lengthy answers! So stay tuned!

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