Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yes Please! {Mod Cloth}

I want all of these, especially for the summer! They are just so sweet and feminine. 
Everything can be found at ModCloth.
 (I really want a pair of yellow heels!)

What are YOU wanting for your summer wardrobe? Anyone know a website/store where I can get Modcloth style for less? I definitely can't shell out $60 a pop for these puppies.


Olivia Grace said...

I LOVE Modcloth!! I just ordered a swimsuit yesterday!!

crystal.m. said...

Oh my, I love modcloth too! And I even have the very first dress in your picture right now... But sadly, I'm returning it. I have a wide ribcage, and it wouldn't zip up :( What size are you?

She Said... said...

I think I am a size Medium? I know of Ruche and Spotted Moth, both whom I will door yes please boards very soon!

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