Friday, August 12, 2011

Smelebrity Spirit Day

Yesterday was Celebrity day at Smencils. I dressed like Kat Von D. and James was Rivers from Weezer.
It was a fun day. Hope this picture makes you laugh! I would love for you all to guess who everyone is dressing up as. Some of my guesses were pretty off. haha.


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

you look awesome!!! love it! i think the really straight hair nailed it. :)

let's see....i see....ryan seacrest, johnny depp (maybe?), the chick from julia and julie (another maybe?),one of hef's exes, kid rock, octomom. i don't know the hover board girl or the curly haired guy.

She Said... said...

Deanna, wow. you're good. Johnny Depp was correct! And the other girl was Betty Crocker (close enough). The hover board was Michael J Fox (back to the future) and then sammy hagar (a former singer from Van Halen)

Thanks for the advice on dressing up. James actually took a sharpie to my arms to fill them in. I just got it to completely wash off my hands last night. haha.

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