Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Spirit Days!

So our office has a fun month every summer where we dress up once a week for "spirit days". Last week we had nerd day. You can't tell, but I was wearing a bright red bow tie and everything.

This week dress up day : Celebrity. James and I are tyring to figure out who we can be without spending any money. I orginally wanted to be Taylor Swift. I would wear a long blonde curly wig with a borrowed prom dress and a guitar. However, since we are not spending money, I can't get a wig. So that means I have to be someone with dark hair and (unless I cover them up) tattoos. That only leaves 1 person in mind: Kat Von D.
James has agreed to tat me up with sharpies (I've done it before it only last a day or two an washes off) and then I have to try to find some clothes in closet that will work. Can any of you give me some ideas of what to wear??? (I promise to post picture of this weeks dress up!)


Ashley said...

just stumbled upon your blog! was reading your about me and you have such an adorable family, and i love reading blogs about other believers, me and my husband live our lives totally sold out for Jesus :) your daughter is beautiful and your dog is adorable!

KatVonD would work well! ooooo but so would Angelina... she's dark hair and tattoos also :)


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

ok....whatever that dog/robot/person thing is, it's really freaking me out. i can't stop looking at it. but i really want to look away.

i also wanted to tell you that i'm going to put together a tutorial for making those little rosettes soon.

hmmm....kat von d....how about some cheap looking leather? do you own any striped or plaid pants? maybe some kind of top with a crazy animal print. sheesh. if only i have known about this blog post 12 years ago, i would have let you raid 15 year old deanna's closet. :-D

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