Friday, October 28, 2011

Beauty Week Day 5 - Accessorize

And this is the last post for beauty week. I hope you all learned a lot and found some new blogs to follow along the way. I want to thank all the ladies that participated in the blog party. You all are amazing and beautiful women!

and now for the final post, by Ashley...
Hey again! Ashley here from The Peanut Gallery! Last time I talked about how to expand your wardrobe by taking spring and summer pieces into the colder weather. This time Im going to expand your wardrobe again but in a different way. Through the use of accessories. Im going to show you how to take one dress and make it into three totally different looks.

Each look was inspired a different piece or accessory.

The Dress if from Francesca's Collections

Inspiration #1 

My first look was inspired by this turquoise and brown belt.
I added a turquoise leather braided bracelet and an amber and hazel wood bracelet. I was going for a native American inspired look with natural materials and colors.

A messy low side braid and some turquoise tights added to the look

and I chose some strappy brown heels. They have some faux animal prints and are multiple shades of tan and brown.

I might wear this look to an afternoon party or Dinner with the girls

Belt- Francesca's Collections
Leggings- DIY
Shoes- Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse
Leather bracelete- Flourish on etsy 
Amber bracelete- Hazelmaid

Inspiration # 2

My second look was inspired by these boots. I was going for a western/cowgirl look. Basic browns and animal prints helped me achieve my look.

I just wore my hair down with a natural wave.

I added a snake faux snake skin belt and jacket. Both in brown.

It's a simple more casual look compared to #1

I would probably wear this look on an anyday basis. Maybe to the pumpkin patch or out to lunch.

Jacket- Syms
Boots- REI
Belt- Azura
Leggings- Nordstrom

Inspiration #3

My third inspiration was the dress itself. The white lace and the loose fitting A-line is very 1920 inspired so I went with a flapper look.
I wore a short, cropped, sparkly, black shrug and a long layred necklace.

pointy, low, black heels make it possible to do the Charleston  :) 

I wore my hair in the no heat pre curl look. Its very 1920's to me. 

This look is a little dressier to me and I would probably wear it to a night party, or a fancy dinner.

Shrug- Thrifted
Necklace- Francesca's Collections
Shoes- Macys

So there you have it. One dress, three totally different looks! I hope this inspires you to build your wardrobe through the use of accessories! 

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