Friday, October 28, 2011

Beauty Week Day 5 - Accessorize

Hi! Amber from I love you to the moon here! So happy to show you a few of my favorite tips for spicing up an outfit. My favorite thing to add to allllmost any outfit is a belt. Chunky belts, skinny belts, bright belts, belts belts belts! I love them. I’d say probably 90% of my belts are thrifted for about a buck a piece.

Boots also have a special place in my heart. Seriously, just having a few different pairs of boots and a few different belts can make you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe.

Today, I started out with this dress –

Simple and black

Threw on a mint green belt. I’m telling you, Goodwill knows where it’s at in the belt department!

Then knee highs and boots!

And a cardigan to add a lil color and cover up my arms for work. :]

I’ve totally worn this same dress with a chunky gray belt and red boots, orange belt and purple heels, and yellow belt and gray wedges.  So many different ways to mix simple lil dresses up!
Thank you for having me over to your adorable corner of the internet, Michelle!
Hope you ladies are having a wonderful week!


Mandy said...

Love Amber!

bebe bird beck said...

Thank you for having me sweet lady!
Mandy, I just love YOU! <3

Jessica West Judkins said...

amber your just to cute <3

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