Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauty Week Day1-Beauty Routine!

Today starts BEAUTY WEEK! We have some fabulous ladies willing to share what they know and help us with some tips and tricks from beauty routines to the right accessories. I have multiple post for each day, so make sure you check back throughout the day!

Also, if you have any tips and tricks to share, make sure to comment, or even write your own blog post and leave the link in the comment sections! I am sure we would all love to hear your beauty secrets too!

Today we start with the basics: BEAUTY ROUTINE.
Our first blogger is Liv from the blog Soul Singing Liv. Love this girls writing and her outlook on life. It makes me happy just reading her blog! So without further ado.......

Hello, my name is Liv and I am a free-spirited, new experience craving, music loving, peace seeking, soul singing butterfly.  My blog is a special place where I store away all of my treasures, a place where I record our daily adventures and reflect on the simple  blessings in life.  I love writing, learning new ideas, making music, taking photos, and collecting sentimental pieces.   I spend my days balancing my time between working as a nurse and building a career I am passionate about while also being a wife and mama to my precious family.  Together, we spend our days striving for peace in our hearts, kindness in our words, and adventure in our souls.

I am SO excited to be a part of She Said's Beauty Week!!  Michelle is such a beautiful,stylish mama and I honestly feel out of my league in such lovely company!
I am a pretty earthy, no frills kind of girl: I wear my hair long and embrace my natural curls, I enjoy make-up and what it does to make me feel glamorous but I don't wear it everyday.  However, when it comes to my skin, I am ridiculously high maintenance. My grandmother bought me my very own Noxzema and Oil of Olay products on my thirteenth birthday, presenting them to me in her bathroom like some kind of Southern Belle rite of passage.  She gave me specific instructions to stay out of the sun, avoid cigarettes like the plague, and to always, without fail, wash and moisturize my face every morning and every night.  I have tried to honor my beautiful, Cajun mama ever since: understanding the importance of taking care of your skin now in order to preserve it later.
I've been a product junkie for years, trying every skin care line I could get my hands on, hording samples and experimenting with different combinations.  I experienced adult acne when I was 27 and 28, got a mild case of melasma when I was pregnant with my second child, battle undereye circles daily thanks to my olive complexion, and started seeing REAL wrinkles this past summer.  Two years ago, I finally found a line that was able to address all of those issues: Murad.  I haven't looked back since. 
Murad is a gentle skin care line that has treated my acne symptoms without burning and damaging my skin.  It has helped correct the pigment problems caused by my pregnancy hormones without using harsh chemicals.  And, best of all, it has reduced my fine lines and wrinkles and made my skin tone smooth and even.  I also never leave the house without my Dermalogica Total Eye Care cream: an undereye moisturizer that contains an SPF 15 AND is tinted to cover dark circles.   The last step is a foundation primer made by Merle Norman that I simply can NOT live without: Luxiva Foundation Primer.  It keeps my makeup fresh all day long and gives my skin that dewy glow I love so much.
Above all, though, I think that beauty really does come from within.  I feel my prettiest when I'm surrounded by the ones I love, when I'm laughing my deepest belly laugh, smiling my big cheesy grin.  God has blessed us all with a beautiful and unique version of ourselves, creating a perfect canvas for us to delve into and make our own.  To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who believes in herself, a girl who can stand on her own two feet and be proud of who she is.
Embrace your inner light and let it shine!

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