Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 fun facts

So continuing on with this 10 fun random facts thing...

41. My family owned a horse when I was younger, like 5 years old younger. I have some vivid memories of him, especially one where he kicked me really hard because I accidentally scared him from behind. We had to give him up because of the cost of board and upkeep, but I wish we could have had him while I was a little older. It would have been awesome to learn how to ride a horse like my mom (she was in barrel racing).

42. I am a dog kinda person. Not just any dog though... the big loveable ones like Labradors. I love the ones that like the snuggle and play with you all the time. And they are big enough for me to feel protected by them (no offense peanut).

43. I used to be a dancer. I was in jazz dance, ballet, ballet folklorico and more. I took most of these classes through the local community center or through school. Even in high school (up until I was a senior) I was on our dance squad. I LOVED it. I would come home every day and stay in my room and would stretch and practice dancing for hours. It was fun and a great workout.

44. I love figure ice skating. It is just so amazing how people can be so graceful on something so slippery. I love the fast past twirls and the beautiful costumes and the fun music. It's dancing on ice and I wish I could have learned how to do that when I was younger... Although there really isn't that many ice skating rinks in San Diego to learn at.

45. My Birthday is TODAY.  That is about as factual as I can get. And as much as I love my birthday, (just like anyone does, I am sure) it is not so fun being only 5 days before Christmas. When I was younger no one would come to my parties because they would all be out of town for Christmas or we would be out of town for Christmas. People always tend to forget my birthday too because they are so excited to be so close to Christmas. I remember for my 21st birthday I went to Applebees by myself and sat at the bar by myself to order my first legal margarita because all my friends had Christmas shopping they still had to do and they sort of forgot about it. Although, we did celebrate it with a big night out after Christmas.

46. I love the band QUEEN. Seriously, most creative band EVER. Every time I hear one of there songs I get a huge smile on my face and just want to dance in the most ridiculous way ever. I would have LOVED to see them live. I even got Chloe the Queen Rockabilly baby cd because I wanted her to love them too. So many of there songs can be an anthem for my life and would make a pretty awesome life soundtrack.

47. I prefer Coke over Pepsi. Pepsi is so sweet and I can feel the sugar on my teeth every time I drink it. Although I don't love coke either because it is much to acidic for me. I am a Dr Pepper (or more rather Mr Pibb) kinda girl. And don't even get me started on Root Beer. Barqs Hast Bite is the best, hands down. And yes, I always call it Barqs Has Bite even when ordering it, it's a habit.

48. I can't sit still and listen to a lecture, I just fall asleep. EVERY TIME. I was notorious for falling asleep in high school and in college. I even was asked multiple times by teachers and counselors in high school if I had narcolepsy or a sleeping disorder. I don't, its just that I can't sit still and not do anything, I am much to add for that. And no matter how hard I try, I can't stay awake. I start to see double and then BAM. Next thing you know, I fell asleep and hit my head on the chalk board behind me or my head fell out of my hand and my face slams on the desk. Both of those things happened to me on a regular basis. This hasn't been a problem since I don't attend school anymore, however, I did fall asleep recently in a very long work meeting where we were all just sitting around listening to our boss for a couple hours. He just laughed it off though and attributed it to  us having a baby that wakes up in the middle of the night. whew.

49. I am pretty much an open book. However, I am starting to learn that not everything needs to be shared. I mean, I don't share everything, but I will answer honestly if you ask me something. And I really have no problem talking about my past experiences, good or bad. I open up a lot, but I realized being so vulnerable has its downsides too.

50. Speaking of 50.... For the longest time I thought there was 51 states. I mean, since I was a little girl up until middle of college. How can I be so dumb, I have no idea. Never really talked about the states that much to really notice I was wrong. I know now there are only 50, but boy was I ever so sure for the longest time it was 51.


Callie Nicole said...

Derek has a birthday pretty close to Christmas too, and people forgot his birthday when he was growing up. I'm determined to make his birthdays extra special to make up for those years when he was a kid and I wasn't around! And no Christmas wrapping paper for birthday presents in this house either.

You know, my teacher in second or third grade had us draw up an American flag that included a 51st star as an activity - I'm shocked that i didn't always think there was 51 states too after that, but somehow I kept it straight. I think it was because for a while there they were thinking of making Guam and Peurto Rico states, but Guam and Peurto Rico denied it to get out of taxes - which never seemed fair to me, because they still get other benefits from being US territories. Whatever.

Ha, sorry for the long comment!

Callie Nicole said...

Sheesh, and I forgot to say Happy Birthday!

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