Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Resale Shops are Awesome!

I have been in such a nesting mode lately. I want to go through Chloe's room and get everything organized for another little one to share her space (and her closet)

Now that we know we are having 2 little girls, I was able to go through all of Chloe's old clothes (we kept everything, just in case) and decided what we would keep some and we would either donate the rest or sell to a baby resale shop. Since Chloe and Emery will be in completely different seasons than each other for the clothes sizing, we ended up selling a lot of her clothes. (So most of the 6 months were all summer clothes and Emery will be in a cold winter in Oregon around 6 months, so most of those clothes didn't work). The resale shop is only taking clothes for the colder weather right now and we will have to take back the rest during march for the summer clothes. We ended up selling $160 of clothes to the shop. That means we get to have $80 in store credit! I was able to get a brand new Graco baby swing for little Emery, a toy organizer to get all those toys put in there place, some safety locks for the doors, toilet and fridge, plus some clothes that were appropriate for the weather the new baby will be in for only $1, using our $80 credit! I was so surprised. And they said they definitely want to buy our summer clothes when it comes time, so we will be able to do that again here really soon. And, they have maternity clothes too. Which is great since I think most maternity clothes are overpriced, especially for the short time you will be using them. (a post on maternity clothes soon to come!) My mom got a Safety First baby gate there for only $17, the same baby gate that I just saw advertised at Babies R Us for $49! Score! And she just bought a forward facing car seat for Chloe, since she was growing out of her backwards facing one. (my mom takes Chloe on weds and needs a car seat of her own).

Let me tell you, if you have a baby resale shop near you, please, use it to your advantage. We always go there first when looking for items. Many items are new or almost new and all at such a great cost.You can find some great resale shops by checking them out on Yelp, we actually just found another right by our house. I can't wait to check out!

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Anonymous said...

Didn't have time to look around but love to go back and just look at what they have.

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