Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pay It Forward on Delirious Rhapsody

Deanna over at Delirious Rhapsody has a "pay it forward" feature on her blog. She does random acts of kindness and encourages all her readers to do so as well. Then she asks that you blog about it and link it up. Then that spreads the word and gets others to do it and so on and so on. Essentially, she is using her blog to make the world a better place! So I wanted to give a shout out to this awesome lady and her efforts. Please go check it out on her blog here. and read her latest post about it here. Then go Pay It Forward to someone and spread the word! The nest posting will be Feb 17th, so that should give you plenty of time to do something nice for a stranger then post about it. I can't wait to hear all the good that you ladies will be doing!

Thanks Deanna for being the awesome lady that you are and inspiring all of us to do good to others!

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