Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sponsor my blog!

So this is something NEW to my blog. I have never had sponsors before on here, but I think it might be time to offer up some prime real estate on my blog. Normally I wouldn't do this because I am all about spreading the love for free. However, with money being tight due to taxes that will be due, a baby on the way and a big move, it was about time I started making my blog a little more useful around here. Which means I will also be spending more time on here spiffying it up and writing more posts. (yay!) I can feel less guilty spending lots of more time blogging if it is helping our family financially as well.
 Anyway, I am throwing this opportunity out there for any of you who want to get more exposure for you blog or Etsy shop (or whatever else you want to showcase).
What you will get: 
-You will get a 150 x150 pixel space to put a button up on the right hand column ---->
- You will get a post featuring your blog/shop with whatever you want to say to my readers. This post will include a picture and links to your blog/shop/twitter/facebook/website
-Your add will be up for a full month (beginning to end) and will be rotated regularly so everyone gets a change to be on top!

My Blog Stats:
- My blog was started in May 2009
- I have almost 200 readers
- My average page views: 160/day, 4800/month
- I have mainly female viewers and many of them are moms
- I blog about daily life and whatever suits my fancy. DIY projects, home, fashion, family, and mommy blogging

These Sponserships will start on February 1st- February 29, 2012

I have never done this before so if there is any information that I am leaving out that you may need to know or any Questions you may have, let me know!

If you are interested in Sponsoring my blog, contact me at  SHESAIDBLOG(AT)GMAIL.COM


Breanne said...

Sign me up!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up too!

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