Monday, January 16, 2012

Tradeshow time

I am currently in orlando for a business trip. I will be here all week and will try to update and read blogs while i can.

This trip is the first of 4 trips that i have pretty much back to back. I come home and then leave a week later for each trip. It will be super hard because this will be the longest time that i have been away from chloe. And i will continuously leave for about a month. And i'm leaving during the time she is learning to walk :(

So i am super bummed

Bright side is that i get to travel for free and we get some leisure time. So i get to check out all these different places.

Anyone know of something cool to check out or a good restaraunt to eat at?

Edit: just finished first day of show. I stood on my pregnant feet in heels for 8 hrs straight. I never want to wear heels again! Definitely running to the store to buy flats to wear tomorrow!


Jessica Elyse said...

Owch, heels and tradeshows don't go well, but add in pregnancy and I am sure it is even worse! Enjoy your time traveling. Which places will you be? I travel on a pretty regular basis with my job so I might have some ideas.

Anonymous said...

You are doing such a great job providing for your family! And please get some flats!

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