Tuesday, March 6, 2012

80 through 90...

Thank goodness only 20 more to go! I would love for you all to do something like this so I can get to now you. Make sure you send me a link if you do!

81. My dream vacation would be for James and I to backpack through Europe. For like 2 years. I would love to stay in hostels and get odd jobs here and there to make money to go to the next city. I would love to live with the people and experience their culture and country. I like doing touristy stuff, but it's completely different when you actually live in it and immerse yourself like a local. We are totally planning this when the girls are away at college.

82. My uncle and I have the same mole pattern in the exact same place. It is 3 small moles in a diagonal line on our left cheekbone. It's really weird, because I know it's not supposed to be a hereditary thing.

83. I'm a carbs lover. I love breads and pastas like no other. When we go out to eat I love bread baskets before dinner, which I usually accidentally fill up on and I usually get some sort of pasta to eat. I know it's not the best for me, but I really don't care. It taste so delicious.

84. I love he comedian Jim Gaffigan. He cracks me up so much! I love that he doesn't have to cuss or crack down on stereo types to be funny. I am not saying that none of his jokes are about that, but most of his stuff is all about food, and since I love food, I can relate to it! James and I quote his stuff on a regular basis. I would LOVE to see him live!

85. I am a master of hamburger helper. I have been eating that boxed goodness since I was a little girl. In fact that is the 1 item you will ALWAYS find in our pantry. It's easy, relatively quick and doesn't require very many ingredients. So perfect... and as I said before I love pasta...

86. I love woodland animals and woodland themes (as if you already didn't know). I know it's an obsession, but it works. Its such a versatile theme. I am making it cutesy for the nursery, manly for my hubby and whimsical for me. It goes along with all sorts of color themes and I don't think the woods will ever go out of style.

87. I love love love little girl dresses with peter pan collars. Now that chloe actually has a neck (i miss those ridiculously huge chubby cheeks) the dresses look adorable on her and are much more comfortable for her.They are adorable and have vintage flair. Both my girls will definitely be rocking them.

88. I wanted glasses so badly in high school. I thought my sisters were so lucky because they got to have them and some of my friends had them. I even bought fake cute ones at Claire's and wore them on occasions just because I loved it. Now that I actually NEED to wear them, it bugs me and I don't wear them even though I should.

89. It's hard for me to listen to music and not bob my head or "chair dance". I even lip sync to the songs. I do this all the time at work, on a place or in a public place. I am sure I look really silly, but that's ok.

90. I can't stand onions. They are my arch nemesis. I can't stand the texture whether they are fresh and crispy or cooked and soft. They are just gross and give me the heeby jeebies. Although, I love onion flavored stuff, like funyons.


crystal.m. said...

I LOVE hamburger helper too! LOL and hate onions... I like onion rings though- only if they're cooked so much that there's nothing left of the onions inside.

Chloe totally suits the vintage dress/Peter Pan collar type!! :)

Callie Nicole said...

My husband is the exact same way about onions - I don't understand you people. :-P

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