Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beauty Week Day 4 - Fashion

And the last fashion post of the day goes to Ashley from The Peanut Gallery.... 

Hellooo She Said bloggity readers! Im so SO excited that Michelle asked me to be here for this awesome fashion week! Who doesnt love to get dressed up? Today I thought it would be fun show you how to take some obvious spring/summer dresses and take them into the fall/winter. It's a great way to stretch your wardrobe.

Here are my 4 pointers

1. Add sleeves. Whether its a jacket, long sleeved shirt, or cardi you need to cover up those arms!

2. Cover up those legs! No reason you cant rock a mini in the dead of winter just add some leggings or tights!

3. Close toed shoes. Keep those tooties warm.

4. Add jewel toned and warm colored accessiores. Take a warm color from the dress/outfit even if it's not very noticeable and bring it out through accessories. 

Dress # 1

This dress is obviously meant for warmer weather. Its a tube top for goodness sakes. Also the bright pinkyness and floral pattern screams 'wear me when it's warm!' But Im a rebel and so I said, no you know what, Im going to wear you when it's cold! That's right. Rebel.  
And here is how I did it.
(ps sorry for the mediocur quality photos)

I added a plain black longsleved shirt under the dress. I love adding shirts underneath tubtop dresses. It sort of makes it a whole new dress 
**tip try adding a tank or short sleeved shirt in warmer weather for the same effect.

Here comes my jewel tone tip. I added some deep turquoise leggings (that I dyed myself DIY here!) to cover up my legs and bring out the darker colors of the dress.

lastly I wore some suade booties to keep my toes nice and warm!

Dress- Target
Leggings- DIY 
Booties- Charlotte Russe
Shirt- H&M

Dress # 2

Again another obvious warm weather dress. This one has more muted colors which transfer easily to the fall but the cut and style are so summer.

I took the oranges and browns from the dress and added accessories that enhanced those warmer colors.

An orange cardi covers up my arms and the belt added to the outside gives it form fitting look.

The orange and brown bow was made by yours truly :)

and some tall boots and brown leggings keeps my lower half bundled.

Dress- Mod Cloth
Leggings- Nordstrom
Cardi- Target
Belt- Azura 
Headband- homemade
Boots- REI

So there you have it some basic pointers to get the most out of your wardrobe! I hope this can inspire you to try same new looks with some old clothes! Happy wearing!


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

ashley is such a weirdo....

just kidding. she knows i luff her. and she's so dang cute!

Jani said...

Love both of these outfits! Love how the green tights pop in outfit #1!


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