Friday, October 28, 2011

Beauty week Day 5 - Accessorize!

Today is the final day of BEAUTY WEEK. So I thought it would be fitting to talk about the final touches of an outfit/look. Deanna from Delirious Rhapsody is here with the first post of the day. Deanna seriously can accessorize and she does a weekly "what I wore" post that you all should check out.

I love getting dressed up and having somewhere to go. Whether it be a (rare) date night with my husband, a concert, or even church. I love picking out an outfit that fits my personality for the day. But unfortunately, as a stay at home mom of two wild little boys, it's often much easier to go with simple and easy (read: boring) than it is to wear something fun. So I'm here to show you that you can still be spunky while wearing your basics. All you have to do is add an accessory or two.

For this experiment, I picked the most boring items out of my closet. A plain tee shirt and jeans. I'm going to take this same jeans and tee, and pair it with different accessories, and (hopefully) you'll see just how easy it is to add some spice to a really plain outfit.

Here, I am, sporting the boring tee shirt.

002 (Large)

Now let's add just a couple things, and see what happens.

009 (Large)
010 (Large)
018 (Large)
025 (Large)

See, it didn't take much at all to add a little bit of personality to this outfit. And it was nothing too crazy that I couldn't take my kids to the park or go on a grocery run in.

Here are a couple tips for wearing accessories:
1. Mix and match. Don't color coordinate from head to toe. You'll end up looking like a 1970s Avon saleslady. It's ok to mix up different patterns and colors.
2. Choose one statement piece. When I wear my hair up, I wear big earrings. When I wear it down, I choose a big necklace instead.
3. Don't wear anything that you don't love.
4. Get creative! Wrap a necklace around a couple times to make a bracelet. Use a scarf for a belt or even a belt for a headband. Just think outside of the box, and your options are limitless!

Thanks for having me Michelle! I hope you enjoyed my post, and feel free to stop by my blog sometime and say hello!

delirious rhapsody


Danielle said...

Deanna has such a cute style!!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

hmmm....maybe i should have added 'do not wear a black bra.' :)

thanks for having me, michelle!

Holly F. said...

This is exactly what I needed to take my mom-wear back into cool-wear. Thanks Deanna!

With Love, Jamie said...

I love Deanna! Her style is so adorable! :)

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